Spicing up a Session

Actively and effectively engaging the participants in any training, large event, workshop or a program is always a challenge. Of course, the best of the best facilitators do it with ease.

Just introducing a doHow® game module in such a session will not only engage the participants but also get them to think, discuss and bond.

Two department heads of a company while palying the doHow® game realised their common hobbies and interests. During the game they decided to meet-up over a coffee during the weekend - doHow® game creates and fosters relationships naturally, without any additional effort.

Keeping the training program in mind, the doHow® game can be fully customised, so that the facilitator, even the best of the best, can add spice to their sessions and make them interesting.

Please visit our booking page and plan a time to your convenience for a quick training on doHow®.

The following options are available:

  • doHow® Training in our office (FREE)

  • doHow® Training on Web (FREE)

  • doHow® Intro to your Core Team in your Bengaluru office (FREE)

  • doHow® with at least 40 participants in your premises (Call us for Price)