Revenue Growth

There are multiple aspects that contribute to the revenue growth. Value of the Product/Service, and the Customer Experience being extremely important, a market canvas is first prepared and then the existing or potential differentiators derived using the principles of the blue ocean strategy. Later the customer journey experience is mapped to identify the improvement areas.

Sales is a very thankless job which needs a tremendous amount of patience and perseverance to be effective. However, once the one develops the skill then it is a pleasure to be selling. We get down to the very basics to get these skills developed through regular coaching.

It is necessary to have a mix of products/services that are very innovative in nature and products that compete due to a cost advantage. For the business to grow profitably, it is essential to maintain a rolling development plan of product portfolio. The future products and the further development needed can be planned systematically using the idea workshops. Idea workshops can be held typically once a year and the product needs and positioning examined from the perspective of market, cost, innovation and core competencies

The doHow® Games are used from the beginning starting with establishing the importance of the revenue growth. Later the doHow® Game is used to generate insights for increasing revenue followed an edition to convert these insights into immediate actionable measures.

doHow® being an innovative Large Scale Interactive Process, it is recommended that the entire team – top floor to shop floor participates full-time in all the doHow® sessions.

Optionally Timeout Consultancoaching sessions during regular reviews for handholding the improvement and internalization of good practices is offered.

Micro/Small Enterprises: 1 days

Medium/Large Enterprises: 2 days

Multi-National-Enterprises: 3 days

Please do get in touch with us to get to know more about the uniqueness of doHow® and to plan a pro bono experiential doHow® session on Enhancing the Quality of Life.