Proactive Progressive Culture

The culture of any team, organization or a company is the collective behavior of all the people involved driven by the way they perceive reality from the facts, data and observations. The classical method to change the culture is by visualizing the facts, data and observations, assuming that everyone perceive similarly leading to the necessary behavioral changes and thus the cultural transformation.

The doHow® goes one step ahead by getting everyone to debate on the evidences, perception and behavior in a very structured, yet joyful manner using the doHow® games. We have seen cultural transformation happen when we have used the doHow® games for EBIDTA improvement – the debate being the key. In the doHow® game for proactive progressive culture, a similar approach is used to debate the way the team, organization or the company do their day to day work, thus creating a platform for debate and change.

In fact one of the managers of our client said that his employees have become more accountable just by playing the doHow® game.

Micro Enterprises: 3.0 man-days

Small Enterprises: 10.0 man-days

Medium Enterprises: 15.0 man-days

Large Enterprises: 20.0 man-days

Multi-National-Companies: 30.0 man-days

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