Leadership Workshop

Engaging all the top leaders of a company in a meaningful way during any leadership workshop in always a challenge, especially for a group of international participants with such diverse agendas.

doHow® game for large scale integration process can be used in a very effective way of not only engaging these top leaders but also getting them to think effectively in a very creative and constructive way towards one single outcome.

Unlike the traditional approach of brainstorming and discussions in multiple groups to evolve a common understanding and arrive at the next actions, doHow® does the same in a gamified environment with contextual hints that will be customized to specific needs, making the workshop highly effective. Additionally, the various team bonding hints in the game ensures that the participants get to know each other much better and form stronger bonds.

doHow® game can be used for the smallest teams of just 2 leaders to large top management groups of 100s in multi-national large companies, either as one session during the leadership retreat or the leadership retreat can be structured around doHow®.

Please do get in touch with us to get to know more about the uniqueness of doHow® and to plan a pro bono experiential doHow® session on Enhancing the Quality of Life.