Improvement in Profitability (EBIDTA)

The product value and cost are first analyzed using the function-cost-analysis matrix to identify the cost and value drivers. Once this is done ideation is done using the doHow® game Product Cost Reduction (EBIDTA Improvement) edition for main the cost drivers.

The doHow® game Effective Implementation edition is then used to convert these ideas generated to immediate actionable measures and cross functional teams defined to implement these potentials.

Additionally, at regular intervals Timeout Consultancoaching is done during the CFT review meetings to effectively steer and implement the identified potentials.

Micro Enterprises: 5.0 man-days

Small Enterprises: 15.0 man-days

Medium Enterprises: 30.0 man-days

Large Enterprises: 60.0 man-days

Multi-National-Companies: 90.0 man-days

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