Enhancing the Quality of Life

Having clarity of the professional goal makes the choices easier as opportunities come by. Performing a role with a purpose aligned to the professional goal normally creates passion at work. The emphasis of this stream of peer coaching is all about facilitating the self-discovery of the answers to these topics.

Time management is really a very interesting topic. All of us have just 24 hours in a day. But some are able to a lot during this time and others have a lot of difficulty in even meeting the basics. This stream of coaching is to facilitate self-discovery of the better ways to prioritize the time and create time for the important topics.

Depending on what kind of a delegation is done the subordinates can either become Gofors or become highly dependable with total ownership of the task and deliver excellent results. This stream of coaching focuses mainly on the way the tasks are delegated and facilitates the self-discovery to create passion in the sub-ordinates to deliver exceptional results. This coaching will especially be most beneficial during the first leadership role.

The doHow® game for Enhancing the Quality of life covers all these aspects in a very subtle manner on the one hand to drive home the point and on the other to keep the participants very much engrossed and inspired.

This edition of the doHow® game can be first facilitated by our expert doHow® coaches and then the managers facilitate for their teams by signing-up to the doHow® APP at least once a month for about 2 hours.

Please do get in touch with us to get to know more about the uniqueness of doHow® and to plan a pro bono experiential doHow® session on Enhancing the Quality of Life.