doHow® Circles

What is doHow®?

doHow® is a methodology developed by Dinakar Murthy Krishna, the founder of Samuthána Consultancoaching LLP, for achieving amazing outcomes by engaging, enthusing and inspiring people. The core of this methodology is a guided introspection for self-learning, the most effective adult learning method known to man.

doHow® comprises of games with contextual hints and good practice checklists with key success factors and metrics for introspection, both in groups and in person.

Companies, organisations and teams in micro to multinational companies use doHow® for achieving their amazing outcomes.

What are doHow® Circles?

doHow® Circles are professional people helping people groups for continual self-development of executives from diverse companies. They are like the already popular groups such as BNI, Freemasons, Lions, Rotary, Toastmasters, etc. BNI has a motto “Givers Gain” and is a referral marketing network. The basic purpose of Freemasons is to make "Better Men out of Good Men." Community service in various forms is the main purpose of Lions and Rotary. Improving public speaking skills is the main purpose of Toastmasters.

The purpose of doHow® Circles is enhancing professional effectiveness through self-development with the motto “Share to Succeed”. The doHow® game provides a platform for guided discussion with the participation of everyone and the doHow® practices provide a platform for on-the-job excellence.

How is the structure of doHow® Circles?

The structure is alike any the other professional organisations with a President, Vice President (Facilitation), Vice President (Mentoring), Vice President (Membership) and Vice President (Finance). Apart from the nominal subscription fee for the doHow® APP, every doHow® Circle needs to collect enough finances for their logistics and tea/coffee.

doHow® Circles meet once a week for just 2 hours.

Who can start a doHow® Circle?

Anyone interested in helping people, especially those employed, can start a doHow® Circle. The minimum participation must be at least two for collaborative learning.

Who can participate in doHow® Circles?

Any person above the age of 18 years of age can participate in doHow® Circles, since the methodology is most suited for adult learning.

How can I participate in this movement?

  1. Developing self by regularly participating in a doHow® Circle.
  2. Helping others by starting a doHow® Circle.
  3. Coming on board the Samuthána Alliance and promoting doHow®.
  4. Investing in Samuthána Consultancoaching LLP.

How do I contact Samuthána?

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