CXO Advisory/Mentoring

The saying that as one gets to the top one is alone is very true.

There are quite a few occasions when, especially the CXOs, need a trusted partner to bounce off some extremely confidential thoughts before opening out to the organization. The topics could be as simple as a specific initiative making sense in the current business context to something more impactful of exiting a business or merging with another company. The CXOs get to spend about 1 hour every month with our experts in a very meaningful discussion.

A similar solution for developing leadership skills is Executive Coaching. The main emphasis in Executive Coaching is to catalyze the self-discovery of the approaches and strategies that take an executive to a goal through empathetic listening and asking the right questions. Getting coached from a person with the domain knowledge or experience on the one hand ensures that the relevant questions are asked, so that the self-discovery becomes exciting. However there exists a risk of adapting some of the coach’s approaches/strategies during the self-discovery. This risk becomes more a chance, if the coach of the domain has had diversity in his/her experience/career.

Of course, the doHow® Games and Practices too are used as appropriate.

This is an ongoing assignment for about 1 hour every week, mainly used by entrepreneurs and top managers.

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