Catalyzing Target Fulfillment

In almost all companies annual targets are set for On-Time-In-Full Deliveries, Turn Around Time Reduction, Cost Reduction, Reduction in Rejections, Improvement in Customer Satisfaction Index, Inventory Reduction,… These targets are then cascaded across the hierarchy to the individual contributors who are responsible for the target fulfilment. While individuals may be championing the achievement of these targets, it is always a team that achieves these targets.

The doHow® initially gets everyone involved in achieving these challenging targets together to play the appropriate edition of the doHow® game for creative ideation. Then both the managers and the individual contributors use the doHow® practices to excel in their respective functions. Additionally at regular intervals we participate in Timeout Consultancoaching during the regular reviews to further catalyze the target fulfilment.

Medium Enterprises: 30.0 man-days

Large Enterprises: 60.0 man-days

Multi-National-Companies: 120.0 man-days

Please do get in touch with us to get to know more about the uniqueness of doHow® and to plan a pro bono experiential doHow® session on Enhancing the Quality of Life.