Business Health Check

Every company revisits and develops its strategies during regular planning process. A good practice is to get the health assessed by a set of external experts. This assessment can then make the planning process more robust.

An assessment of the CAPABILITIES (People, Leadership, Expertise, Finance, Infrastructure, Management, Speed) for their AVAILABILITY on a scale of 1 to 7 (Inadequate, Adequate, Satisfactory, Good, Very Good, Excellent and Abundant) from the RESULTS (Shareholders, Customers, Employees, Business Partners and Society) perspective. The BHC will identify the areas with the most potential for improvement. Once the assessment is done, along with the summary a list of strengths and improvement opportunities will also be presented.

The Business Health Check is performed by checking out the standard MIS reports, through interviews, actual walk through, observation doHow® game for defining the amazing outcome and through participation in review meetings.

Micro Enterprises: 1.0 man-day

Small Enterprises: 3.0 man-days

Medium Enterprises: 5.0 man-days

Large Enterprises: 15.0 man-days

Multi-National-Companies: 30.0 man-days

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