About Consultancoaching

"Consultancoaching" is a combination of the necessary expertise and domain knowhow for consultancy and necessary ability to catalyse thinking as a coach, so that one can self-discover and implement the "Best-in-Class" practices.

Consultancoaching ROI

As per the ICF (International Coaching Federation) Global Coaching Client Study the median individual ROI was at 344% (3.44 times the investment) and the company ROI at 700% (7 times the investment). Consultancoaching ROI would be at least at the coaching ROI levels. Some of the impact areas with Consultancoaching are Job satisfaction, Work-life-balance, Teamwork, Motivation, Relationships with Vendors and Clients, Productivity, Innovation, Top Line, Predictability, Bottom Line, etc.

Finally, unlike the common retainer model, we invoice for the actual engagement time at the beginning of each month, thereby excluding all the pre engagement and post engagement activities that we perform offline.

Brand Identity

Our brand identity is comprised of four main elements – the mission, values, vision, and the logo. Together, these capture and define who we are and what differentiates us.